ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL - Will not issue refund, phone line disconnected, do not respond to emails

Natchitoches, Louisiana 0 comments

In August of 2012 I purchased a set of wheel covers from Rocky Mountain Wheel through eBay.The covers turned out not to be the correct size; I contacted RMW through eBay and they said to return them for a refund.

I immediately shipped the wheel covers back by UPS. To this date (January, 2013) I have not received the refund, RMW ignores my emails, their listed phone number is "out of service," and it is now too late to file claims through PayPal or eBay.

I HAVE registered complaints with both, and intend to complain to the BBB in Colorado as well.But these people should be put out of business if this is (apparently, judging from similar complaints here) the way they do business.

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL - Wont issue refund

Salt Lake City, Utah 0 comments

bought wheel caps thru ebay. they did not fit my ford truck, as ebay ad specified. I returned them. they mess around and put me off until it's too late to file complaint thru ebay or paypal. I am sure they purposely wasted my time and delayed me so they can keep my money.

so I am out $52, as well as the hubcaps.

They owe me a refund. it's been over 30 days since they received hubcaps back.

they wont answer my phone calls or emails.

dont buy from this dishonest company. it's not worth the risk of losing money and wasting your time

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL - Yet Another Ebay Seller Who Left Me Poor Feedback Out Of Spite!

Nashville, Tennessee 3 comments
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4570 S. Federal Blvd. Unit DENGLEWOOD, CO. 80110Toll Free Customer Support: 1-800-355-9280Monday thru Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

I purchased a net from, who also sells on Ebay. I ordered a Tailgate Net for my truck. The auction listed that the item was an "Easy Install". When the item arrived, it was NOT an Easy Install, it required drilling. Drilling would void my $700 Bed Liner warranty. I contacted the seller, but they didn't reply back. So I just left them NEUTRAL feedback. Not Negative, just NEUTRAL. The feedback just stated "Never Mention Drilling. I Can't Use The Gator Net. Will Void Bedliner Warranty." No mean or rude comments, just facts. A few days later they left me Neutral feedback as well. blaming me for the problem. Even though I lived up to my end of the deal. How hard would it have been to list "DRILLING NEEDED?" And how can I ask for help, when ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL doesn't bother to return emails?These Dead-Beat Ebay sellers keep doing this to us honest customers! If we have a problem, then voice it through the Ebay Feedback process, and they don't like it; then they will just do the same back to us. Regardless of the fact that our part of the transaction were met. Now can understand if I went out of my way to lie, bash, and not even bother to pay for the item I won. Then Negative feedback is warranted. But just because I was mislead by an item description, then ignored when asking for help. How is this my fault? What right does the seller have to leave me poor feedback. I have contacted 5 of these buyers who were also left Uncalled-For feedback after they voiced their problems, and they said that ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL refused to remove their feedback unless the buyers removed theirs. This is a warning to all of you. If you buy from ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL, and they mislead or rip you off, expect a petty Negative feedback in return. Check out their feedback. They have received hundreds of Negative and Neutral Feedbacks, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FEEDBACKS HAVE BEEN MET WITH A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IN RETURN. How is this fair? IT'S NOT!! BUT HORRIBLE SELLERS LIKE ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHEEL DON'T HONOR THE RULES OF EBAY! Ebay was suppose to be in the works of preventing this, but so far no luck. So my perfect feedback is ruined, yet again. And the only way they will remove the feedback is if I remove my first. How is that fair????

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Now that sellers can't leave negative feedback, all the loonies out there will leave a negative for ANYTHING.I had some *** leave me a negative because he said I packaged my product TO WELL!!!

The guy was mad because he had to spend a little time to open a properly packaged item. Had his item been poorly packed and damaged in transit, would he have been happy??? Sellers deal with nut jobs everyday. Oh, not to mention the guy that tried to extort a partial refund for shipping or he'd leave a negative.

He just felt the shipping was too much, after he had read the auction terms and placed a winning bid!!!Now, we are at their mercy.

Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, United States #14225

I once posted a neutral feedback for a seller who claimed that the item I bought had been stolen from his car.I'd made a good deal on a 14k gold watch.

He got sideways when I asked him to fax me a copy of the police report that he'd surely made, being that he said he had a bunch of watches stolen. Draw your own conclusions on the honesty of his excuse. He, in turn, left me bad feedback for leaving him neutral feedback.

My closing comment was "Ebay feedback system useless unless it's truthful".Enough said.

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #13058

just received an e-mail from e-bay 5/20/08. e-bay has just change this, sellers can only leave positive feedback, can no longer leave negitive or netural feedback,

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